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tv   Today  NBC  January 30, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning. top secret surprise. a bombshell dropped in the days before the iowa caucus. the clinton campaign scrambling after 22 e-mails on her server were deemed top secret. >> there was never information sent oreived marked classified to me. >> republican rivals pounce. >> hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief. >> this is getting more serious. >> are these e-mails a game changer? we are live in iowa. new evidence?
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the sub of the series "making a murderer" says she can prove her client's innocence. this as people protest in support of the convicted killer. history on the line. a thrilling tennis match wrapping up down under. serena williams going into three sets, including this rally that had everyone on the edge of their seats. serena gets the point, but was it enough to win the match? and hymm for the weekend. beyonce and coldplay drop their latest collaboration. coursing through my blood >> it already has 3.3 million
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so why are some crying foul over her appearance in the video? we will explain today, saturday, january 30th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on saturday morning. i'm erica hill. >> and i'm craig melvin alongside dylan dreyer. sheinelle jones is not here with us. she is recuperating. we wish her the best. >> tweet her or send her a picture. brighten up her video. >> that video that dropped? hot. you can't go wrong. we will look more at the video later. there is also a tad of controversy surrounding it. we will dig into that. the top story this morning, hillary clinton on the defense after the state department
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e-mails saying they contained top secret information. all of this comes two days before a razor tight race in iowa. we have full coverage from des moines this morning. we start with white house correspondent kristen welker. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. people are buzzing about hillary clinton's e-mail issue this morning. not exactly the headline the clinton campaign wants to see two days before the iowa caucuses. her top rival, bernie sanders is not making an issue of it, instead, both candidates are focused on the finish line. >> you can make her the next president of the united states. >> reporter: hillary and bill clinton back together friday night trying to seal the deal here in iowa. >> thank you, davenport. >> reporter: this comes as the state department released 1,600 e-mails from her private server
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this time holding 22 documents as top secret. state department officials weighed in on friday. >> none of this traffic was marked classified at the time it was sent. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is calling on the state department to make the e-mails public. >> this is an example of overclassification run amok. >> reporter: nbc's lester holt interviewed secretary clinton shortly before the news broke. >> why should the public worry about this hanging over your head? >> there was never any information sent or received marked classified to me. >> reporter: despite making an issue of the e-mails. >> the people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> reporter: the campaign has yet to escape the controversy and this could hurt for monday's caucuses. she is running neck and neck with sanders in iowa, who friday night, focused on rallying his supporters. >> i believe it is our campaign
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excitement and the interest for a large voter turnout. >> reporter: at the drake diner in des moines, voters had opinion. >> does this hillary clinton e-mail matter? >> yes. i feel it is a skeleton in the closet. >> i don't think it will have that big an effect. >> reporter: in a statement released late last night, sanders again reiterated he is not interested in the e-mail issue. he is interested in the issues that matter to voters. both candidates cross the state today. eight events between them. one, secretary clinton will be joined by gabby giffords. erica, back to you. >> kristen, thanks. the gop candidates wasted little time reacting to the clinton news. nbc's hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: good morning. this time the candidates are
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in the final countdown to the caucuses, the last big push. taking aim not only at east ch other, but across the aisle at hillary clinton. the favorite target on the campaign trail, facing new fire from the gop rivals. >> hillary clinton is disqualified. disqualified from being commander in chief. >> reporter: marco rubio calling the latest news about the e-mail release unacceptable. >> maybe she thinks she's above the law or maybe she wanted to read the stuff on her blackberry and have that convenient. >> hillary clinton on her e-mail server had 22 top secret e-mails. well, that actually is an accurate statement. this is getting more and more serious. >> reporter: clinton's campaign spokesperson on defense. >> we know that these e-mails that they were not marked classified at the time they were sent or received. >> reporter: republicans quick
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donald trump tweeting the e-mail release is a disaster and slamming what he calls clinton's bad judgment. saving his hardest hits for republican rival. >> ted cruz may not be a u.s. citizen, but he's an anchor baby. he is an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. >> reporter: cruz laughing it off in iowa. >> senator, trump called you an anchor baby today. any response to that? just laughter is what you take away from it? >> i like donald and he's welcome to say whatever he likes. i like and respect him. that's all i got to say. right now, it is up to the voters to decide. >> reporter: the two iowa frontrunners. >> we will do well in iowa. from the caucuses. >> i am having a fantastic time. we have 77 hours to go. >> reporter: the final push to the finish line. cruz striking a bit of a
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hours out on the campaign trail. backing off some of the unprompted attacks against donald trump. marco rubio, meanwhile, also out holding rallies today hoping for a strong third place finish here guys, hoping to pick up momentum after the debate thursday night. >> hallie jackson in iowa. thank you. >> mark halperin is with us. gentlemen, good morning. they join us from iowa. >> good morning, erica. >> let's start off with the e-mails. mark, i know you were saying yesterday on "morning joe" there is a lot of chatter among fbi agents. what are you hearing could come down the line? >> well, look, what is going on with secretary clinton is involving not just her, but staff. we know the people at the fbi and justice department are looking at it not as a criminal investigation, but question
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correctly. this disclosure will heighten the sense that the fbi will have to interview members of her staff and secretary clinton. it doesn't mean she will be indicted, but from a political point of view it is she is called to talk to the fbi, while fighting for the presidency, it will happen into concerns that kristen welker's piece that it does matter to voters. >> john, is this something we are talking about or is this something that voters in iowa or voters in new hampshire or voters in south carolina, is this something voters talking about right now? is this resonating on the campaign trail? >> not very much at all. it never has over the course of the last year, we have never heard a lot of concern. a lot of concern on republican
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this issue will not have much effect for hillary clinton to be the democratic nominee. it may spur fear on the democratic establishment that hillary clinton could be vulnerable on the general election. if she gets there, the republicans will make a lot of hay with in the fall. >> and on the ground in iowa, donald trump is defying any stereotype the way anything is done traditionally in politics. the question is can the numbers we see in the polls and terms of people at the rallies translate into votes. what is your sense? will they come out to caucus in bigger numbers, mark? >> this is the moment when donald trump needs to go from as you suggested from the unorthodox candidate to an orthodox candidate. he needs caucus and people to come to the rallies and turn out to the caucuses. good to remind people.
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that people are used to. you have to vote several hours on monday night and go to a particular location at a particular time. trump's team is not inexperienced. they know caucuses are different. he has a lot of iowans who have done this in the past. we will see on monday. my sense is they know exactly how big the stakes are. if his operation does perform in iowa, he will be in a commanding position for the nomination. i believe at least in part his operation will work. this will not be a collapse. it could be a powerful force pal legal to the force he has been. >> mark and john in the hawkeye state saturday morning. thank you. we have you covered at the caucuses. we will be live on monday. one of the inmates who escaped from the california jail last week is behind bars this morning after turning himself in on friday. investigators are still looking
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here is nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: in custody this morning, bac tien duong. one of three dangerous inmates who escaped last week. after a week on the run, police tightened a dragnet around a vietnamese neighborhood. duong decided he wanted out showing up at an auto shop. >> he told my wife he wanted to turn in. my wife makes a call. >> did your wife know who he was? >> yes, of course we do. he's my friend. >> he is cooperating and providing information. >> reporter: hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu are still on the loose. a $200,000 reward out for their capture. police believe the men are living in a van. stolen one day after their escape. but say they may have also stayed at the local motel in northern california. >> we have information that mr. nayeri and mr. tieu may still be together in the san jose area.
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say the men had help with the escape from ravaghi. an english teacher at the jail. she is being held as a suspect in the jail break. they say she brought in maps, showing images of the jail's rooftop. detectives say she developed a quote, personal relationship with inmate hossein nayeri. the story reminiscent of joyce mitchell in the new york state prison escape last year. this jail break reads like a hollywood thriller. the inmates cut through steel and along plumbing ducts and repelled six stories. this morning, two inmates still on the run and said to be desperate. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, santa ana, california. as the number of zika cases continues to rise in the united
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learning more about the effects. the cases here are all from folks who traveled to one of the affected countries. we have rehema ellis with us this morning where the virus has hit hard. >> reporter: good morning, craig. here in brazil, authorities are working hard to stop the spread of the zika virus. going door-to-door to educate people on how to protect themselves. months ago, many expectant mothers had no idea the threat to their unborn babies. when this baby was born two months ago, his family immediately knew something was different. the youngest of three children, he was diagnosed with microcephaly. he is one of 4,000 babies born with the disease since october. the children have an abnormally small head. the disease effects every
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and physical development and possibly life span. >> what did doctors tell you about his development? his mother says she doesn't know if he will ever walk or talk. for babies with microcephaly, there is no treatment for cure. the family takes it one day at a time. his father julio, said she has symptoms in her third month of pregnancy. researchers believe mosquitoes are spreading the virus linked with microcephaly. the virus is now present in at least 24 countries and territories. the cdc is keeping a close watch on the presence of the virus in the u.s. >> we have not seen viruses like zika spread widely here simply because people have screens in their houses and air conditioning. we don't have the level of crowding in the places where zika is spreading widely.
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hard on the whole family. including his grandfather, fernando. fernando tells us that while his grandson's future is uncertain, one thing is for sure, he will always be loved. public health officials say the likelihood of a massive zika outbreak in the continental united states, similar to what's happening in brazil is low. still the cdc says its staying on top of this and working closely with world health authorities. craig. >> rehema ellis for us in brazil. thank you. >> dr. natalie azar is here to answer some of our questions. this is keeping you busy, i know, this week. >> is this zika carrying mosquito here in the united states? >> we have the zika carrying mosquito in the united states in the gulf coast and southern united states and southern california. we have yet to have a
8:17 am
transmitted viral mosquito bite. to our knowledge, these here are not infected with zika. >> if you are exposed to the zika virus, not pregnant, but would like to try to conceive, how long do you have to wait? >> we believe the virus stays in the body for a few days to up to a week. intuitively, if you have been exposed or travel to an area where zika virus is exposed and
8:18 am
'40s, i believe. why has there not been a vaccine created in 70 years? >> the first documented outbreak in 2007. then in poll ynesia. the thing with the diseases, craig, the outbreaks are sporadic and unpredictable. there is not a lot of attention paid to the viruses that seem innocuous. >> now an emergency meeting with the world health organization. >> the goal according to dr.
8:19 am
you want to make sure you have the appropriate amount of international concern. we want to say is this an not? you want all of the resources going to the right places and prioritize which countries need what. that's the basis of the meeting. >> okay. dr. natalie azar, thank you. we like to know what you are concerned about when it comes to the zika virus. you can tweet us. @todayshow. we will answer some of the questions in the next hour. in canada, a major avalanche has killed five people. the avalanche in mcbride, british columbia swept through snowmobilers in the area. a social media giant is taking a stand against private gun sales.
8:20 am
users from working out private sales on instagram and users cannot buy and sell guns directly on the social media services, they often use the site and ask to connect and coordinate deals on weapons, parts and ammunition. the move is hoped to cut down on unlicensed sales. can post. tennis. serena williams, as we mentioned, vying for a record tying number of grand slam wins this morning as she met angelique kerber. the announcers calling this tennis at its finest. just one of the incredible points played out this morning. if you have not seen the results, cover your ears.
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the sport fell to the seventh seed. kerber wins at the australian open. had everybody watching in the control room. >> okay. dylan dreyer is here with a check of the forecast. at least it is not snowing. gone. this time last week, we were getting buried under snow. it has been in the 40s since. a lot of it has melted away. out west, a different story. rain and mountain snow. snow through nevada into the rockies. we have a plume of moisture that will bring a big storm system onshore as we go into tomorrow. look at this length of tropical moisture. extends 1,000 miles. it will make its way into the west coast. we will see heavy rain and gusty winds. we could see wind gusts near 50 miles per hour especially in southern california. for the snow, we will see the winter storm watches and warnings kick in as we go into tomorrow once the heavy snow
8:22 am
we could have more than . nice looking morning. so a good gasparilla saturday. starting off a little cool. temperatures in the lower 50s 70. satellite showing a few clouds but no rain. a dry day today. 2:00 p.m.. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, a look back at the other big stories of the week, including a major change for bash rbie. and big news for "house of cards." that is ahead in "popstart."
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for a photo of a potato? plus, we're taking you inside the homes teetering on
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. good morning. i'm candace mccowan.
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police are searching for a stolen car after an armed carjacking in florida. a woman was in her car in north central avenue when a man pointed a gun at her and ordered her out of the car. they're searching for the stolen 2014 black ford focus with florida tags. anyone with information are urnled to call tampa police. it is gasparilla saturday. the invasion and parade are just hours away. if you're staying at home, watch the festivities live on news channel 8. jen lee and john benson are co-hosting. jennifer holloway will be pirate reporter on the street. our coverage starts at 2:30. let's go now to meteorologist bryan bennett for the latest our weather and what we can expect if we head outside for the festivities today. >> a good looking day, high, thin clouds and high temperature near 70 and dry weather from start to finish. right now, outside, you can see the high, thin clouds and that is what we'll have through much of the day.
8:26 am
we're starting off cool. later today we'll top off around 70. satellite and radar picture is showing those high, thin clouds, so by 11:30 a.m. during the invasion, we'll be 63 degrees, 2:00 p.m., as the parade starts, a light wind which is great for boating conditions and a high near 70, and then temperatures in the upper 60s through the
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because i told them i had nothing to hide. >> how in the hell were you in the room? >> i don't know. i don't know, man. that's a good question. >> we are back on this saturday morning, january 30th, 2016 with a look at the mini series "the people versus o.j. simpson." people still fascinated by that murder trial. coming up, why the doctor portrayed in the movie "concussion" now believes
8:28 am
the brain disease that is linked to violent behavior. meanwhile, look outside studio 1a this morning. a cold crowd trying to keep warm on this final saturday of january. here is what is making headlines half past the hour today. with two days to go until the iowa caucuses, the main issue on the campaign trail today is likely to be hillary clinton's e-mails. the state department is withholding 22 of her e-mails. her rival, bernie sanders, is not making an issue of it, but the republican candidates are. ethan couch, the affluenza teen, will remain in a juvenile detention facility despite the request he be moved from the adult court. he will remain in the facility
8:29 am
and a philadelphia man will be riding pope francis style after winning the vehicle that the pope rode in last year. the winning bid was $82,000. we begin this half hour with "the download." the chance to look at the week's biggest stories and others you may have missed. >> the clean up from the blizzard of 2016 and the arrest of the armed occupation in oregon. here are the stories that caught our attention. >> with the iowa caucuses looming, the campaigns were combative as ever. >> in the waning days to iowa, donald trump convinced if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> we can't have a guy who stands in the middle of the senate floor and everyone else thinks he's a whack job. >> i have no intention of responding in kind.
8:30 am
>> this morning, our new nbc marist poll has hillary clinton and bernie sanders virtually tied in iowa. >> and trump skips the latest republican debate. >> fox put it he was the elephant not in the room. donald trump boldly boycotting the fox news debate. >> when you are treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. new warning over the zika virus. >> 22 areas or countries that pregnant women should avoid. and two top researchers accuse the world health organization of failing to act fast enough. >> now we have a pandemic. clean up across the east coast after blizzard 2016. >> government offices and schools closed again today in washington, d.c. air travelers with flights canceled in new jersey.
8:31 am
wildlife refuge started to fall apart. >> roadblocks and check points set up. the militants were arrested along the highway during a violent confrontation that ended with the death of lavoy finicum. barbie with a lot of sizes. >> you can buy barbie in curvy and petite. mattel hopes this reflects the young owners' world. >> the little boy's reaction was priceless when montreal's dale white flipped a puck to him on monday night. the grown up caught the puck, but he gave it to the young man. he is hugging that puck. >> i love how he snuggled it. an ice hockey puck is not warm. >> it is not a teddy bear.
8:32 am
>> cute. you were on the barbie story this week? >> yeah. i did it for "nightly news." we talked to a range of ages at the toy store here in new york. they overwhelmingly said it is about time. >> parents or kids? >> parents. one question is do you think this is more for the parents or kids that barbie is doing it? they said it is many for the people who are buying them. they want something more reflective for their children or what they see. i will say overwhelmingly positive among the people we spoke with and most of them say because it was time for barbie to be more representative. >> i wonder if kids would choose. not just looking at barbie in relation to themselves, but barbie as a traditional doll. the new ones look different than what you expect barbie to look like. >> and the other question that came up, let's say you give a
8:33 am
? they introduced some of this last year, and they also have different skin tones and hair colors and eye colors. all of which people say were needed. >> barbie should accurately >> yeah. she's working on it, apparently. 2016. >> my barbie always had much nicer hair than i did. >> did you want her to have worse hair? >> what was that? >> errrrr. my mom chopped my hair all off because she hated it. about. above average. warmer temperatures through the southern and northern plains. chicago should get up to 48 degrees today. that's 16 degrees above average. kansas city, 58 degrees. tomorrow, still 48 in chicago. cleveland, 51.
8:34 am
raleigh, 16 above average. an area of high pressure keeps it sunny. we are keeping an eye out for snow in the rockies errr! that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan dreyer. still to come, should you buy a big new tv before the super bowl next week?
8:35 am
>> we have the answer from the experts like craig melvin in trending. we will look at coldplay and beyonce's latest collaboration. they are performing at the big game next weekend. they dropped a new video. but first these messages. always set a place at the dinner table for good manners. stay seated, napkin on your lap and elbows at your sides. and remember, mealtime is for nourishment, nothing more. let the music play, he won't get away just keep the groove, and then he'll come back to you again let it play
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and boy. >> trending. >> yesterday on trending we told you about the app that pulls together the wine pairings for girl scout skookys, for white and red trike the trefoil, with the tagalongs. here is the thing, they left out a few of the popular cookies yesterday. we didn't have a chance to try them. we are here to help you with some of our favorites that didn't make the cut. we'll dig in first. starting with the thin mint. my mom's favorites. with brunello. and drink the wine with the cookie in your mouth. >> oh, that is really good. >> nice. i like this. >> you are combining wine and cookies. how can you go wrong. >> is this fun for everyone at home? watching it. >> not bad.
8:39 am
>> is i think this is a red i never heard of. craig, we'll get to the samoaa. >> they were the caramel -- >> depends what part of the country you live on. west coast they are like chocolate coconut cookies. >> let's move on here. so you probably heard there is a football game next weekend, super bowl 50. going to be out there. a lot of folks debating whether to buy a new tv. it's difficult to read the news when you have cookie in your mouth. >> you want me to check up? a study d d says yes, you should. craig says you should. the survey shows price is the biggest factor when people consider a new dv.
8:40 am
prime months. >> a lot of retailers cutting to make room for new inventory coming in march. we're in the market forn a new television. this is fantastic. a lot of the 4k televisions starting to come down. >> my husband is always in the market. >> i like brian. >> finally, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words or in this case over a million bucks. the photographer recently shared, he sold a picture of a potato for a million euros, a little over $1 million u.s. >> didn't the guy who bought the popemobile. this is a picture of a potato. >> $1 million. god speed. >> here are pop starts. beyonce, and joe is in with pop start.
8:41 am
i'm going to steal one of these. i've been eyeing them. pop starts, first up beyonce is back. that. in time for the super bowl collaboration, the band released its hymn for the weekend video bay. here is the deal. we've known that beyonce and chris martin are pals, we have known that she was going to be on his album so this music video shouldn't cause a huge stir but it is. maybe it's the exotic setting, her wardrobe for the fact that the song is awesome. >> i should mention that after the back lash on social media some call the video cultural, while others defend it as appreciation of the foreign culture.
8:42 am
first that his album went to waves, did you get that pun. thank you. >> a glass of wine. >> and of course that online feud with dfellow rapper which for the record got more than 400 million views. now the rapper is making headlines of a much different sort. looking to move past that twitter feud kim kardashian shared this picture of her hubby and little girl north. now all any one can talk about is how much the 2-year-old looks like her daddy. i know. how sweet. we should mention that kanye will be back on "snl" on february 13th along side melissa mthccarthy. that's going to be awesome. you know, i hope he plays along. you never know with kanye. never know. last but not least we've got good news and bad news for fans of the netflix hit house of cards.
8:43 am
that frank understood wood and his antics return for a fifth season. the bad news, the creator will not. he is leaving the series to focus on new endeavors, the series starring kevin spacey march 4. in my house hold, a day after my birthday. >> more of those. >> and the brunello. >> thank you, thank you. up next our producers put us to the test with a nice fun game of would you rather. we should note this is going to be a pg 13 version. >> stresses me out. >> me too. >> after these messages.
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hey, you're going to do great.
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beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to zah! (car alarm sounds) it's ok! we're back on a saturday morning. this the moment that dylan and i have been dreading. no amount of wine and cookies can change that. we are playing would you ever. we have 60 seconds on the clock. with we will pick a question out of the bowl. >> go. >> would you rather have the super power to fly or become invisible invisible. i think i would fly. >> then you lose your miles on delta. >> i do like my mqm, delta. >> you pick fly over invincible?
8:47 am
>> if you are invisible, you could do all kinds of bad stuff. would you rather walk in on your boss getting undressed or have your boss walk in on you. >> which would you rather? >> which boss are we talking about? >> i need this job. >> you can't take the fifth. you have to answer. >> i would prefer to have my boss walk in on me. >> dylan. >> would you rather fulfill your biggest wish or resolve your deepest regret? i think regrets are part of life. they help you become who you will become. i would rather have my biggest wish. >> good answer. >> to fly. >> we want you to play along. here is our question. would you rather never ever be able to text again for as long as you live or never been able to make a phone call? >> that's a tough one. >> i think it depending on the age.
8:48 am
we will check back with your thoughts. shoot us a tweet. who wants to fly instead of be invisible? >> who wants to be invisible for nefarious purposes, craig melvin? coming up, dylan looks at the stereotypes of bowling. after these messages. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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. good morning. i'm candace mccowan. here with your local news update. a deputy is out of a job after a month long investigation on a traffic stop where a man was shot twice. the deputy, timothy burden claimed it was self defense when he shot dylan tompkins holmes after he pulled him over. the sheriff says there was never any struggle over the gun and the deputy lied. he is out on bond. it is gasparilla saturday and the invasion and parade are hours away. if you're staying at home, watch the festivities live on news channel 8.
8:53 am
co-hosting and jennifer holloway will be the pirate reporter on the street. our coverage begins at 2:30. let's go to meteorologist bryan bennett for a look at what we can expect as we head out to the festivity s. good morning, we have partly cloudy skies, looking pretty good. temperatures are cool right now. 57 degrees, but not too bad of a day considering it has bee wettest january in a long time. and a good day to catch beads. you don't have to worry about them slipping out of your hand. temperatures will be warm and there won't be any rain for them to be slippery. right now we're 56 degrees and satellite and radar pictures showing dry conditions, a few, high, thin clouds, gasparilla pieft fest voeshth. during the in-- pieft fest invasion, during the invasion,
8:54 am
. good morning. good morning.. top secret surprise. ment two days before caucus, scrambling after 22 e-mails on her server were deemed top secret. republicans quick to pounce. the big question, will this impact monday's caucus? new evidence? the sub of the series "making a murderer" says she can prove her client's innocence.
8:55 am
could free her client. what she plans to do to clear his name. suffering from cte. the doctor that first diagnosed this in football players suspects o.j. simpson has the disease. news comes at o.j.'s name returns to the headlines with a new miniseries on his murder trial. it is saturday, january 30, 2015. >> hi from "today" show. >> we are on tv! >> hello grand rapids! >> hello 2016. >> good morning on a saturday morning here on a cold new york city.
8:56 am
we want to take a quick moment to send get well wishes to channel jones. she's a little under the weekend. we know you're watching. >> we hope you recover for your sake i hope you're sleeping in. she has already been texting this morning. >> everyone at home, send her well wishes, tweet her, send her a happy picture. we miss her and look forward to her feeling better. we have a lot to get to. it is final countdown in iowa. we are two days from caucuses there. hillary clinton's e-mails are front and center. we have full coverage and begin with kristin welker in des moines. good morning. >> reporter: erica, good morning. the race is razor tight. this latest e-mail issue couldn't come at a worse time. her top rival bernie sanders isn't making an issue of it. both candidates are focused on the finish line. friday night, hillary and bill clinton were back trying to lock it up in iowa.
8:57 am
state department released more than 1600 pages of e-mails from secretary of state. they withheld 22 documents, labeling them top secret, highest classification. state department says they were not marked top secret when sent and clinton campaign stresses clinton never sent or received e-mails marked classified. her campaign is calling on the state department to release the e-mails. iowa care? we have to wait to find out. last night bernie sanders reiterated that he is not interested in secretary clinton's e-mails, he is interested in the issues. both candidates will chris cross the state. they have 8 events between them. at one, secretary clinton will be joined by gabby giffords that will argue she's the best candidate to take on the nra. >> thanks. >> to republicans with warm words between donald trump and
8:58 am
letting up. halle jackson has more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, the republican candidates are getting ready for the final push, final weekend before the caucuses, and wasted little time pouncing on hillary clinton for the e-mail issue. a hillary clinton spokesperson calls it overclassification. you might imagine, republicans have very different words for it, like unacceptable, that's from marco rubio who argues this news should disqualify her from being commander in chief. ted cruz arguing this is more and more serious, donald trump tweeting it's a disaster. even as gop takes aim at clinton, they're hitting each other, trying to gain traction. trump, for example, is rolling out a new line of attacks against ted cruz, calling him a canadian anchor baby. cruz is laughing it off, getting ready for his own rallies tonight. one he invited donald trump to
8:59 am
trump will be at a different event on the opposite side of the state this evening. also, marco rubio is hoping for momentum, hoping for at least a strong third place finish here after his debate performance earlier in the week. >> halle jackson for us in iowa. thank you. a federal judge denied bail for the main figures in the standoff in the oregon standoff. they pose a danger to the community, rejecting the arguments their anti-government action was peaceful operation, the judge warned she would release those arrested only when the standoff ends. four protesters still occupy the refuge refuge. a new water warning in michigan. tests show lead levels in some samples are so high that filters are ineffective. officials are not sure what's causing high levels in 26 of 4,000 samples.
9:00 am
water to make sure toxic metal is being removed. and serena is the number one player in the world, about to tie the record for grand slam wins in today's match. her saves weren't enough. she beat williams in a stunning upset. the chargers may have a deal to move north. the football team agreed in principle to head to englewood, california to share a stadium with the los angeles rams, but the chargers chairman says the team will stay put at least this year while he tries to work out a new deal with san diego. dillon has a check of the saturday forecast. check of our saturday forecast for us. >> we are talking about the weather in california. that ties in nicely. >> nice segue. >> a decent storm making its way onshore. we have a stream of moisture off the pacific.
9:01 am
all of that moisture is going to continue to make its way onshore. a lot of rain and mountain snow. we are going to see this storm intensify off the coast and produce wind gusts as high as 50 to 60 miles per hour. we have several winter storm warnings and watches. winter weather advisories across the rockies and in the sierra as well. today, we will see the storm get organized organized. on sunday, gusty winds in southern california. heavy snow in the sierra. we are going to see this eventually start to spread east into the rockies. on monday, especially in denver, we could see near blizzard conditions with the gusty winds reducing visibility down to less than .25 of a mile at times. on tuesday, snow across nebraska and kansas and up into iowa. strong storms ahead of the front. especially through the midwest. as for rainfall totals, 2 to 3 inches of rain. we could see brief flooding. as for snow, denver could end up with 1 foot of snow.
9:02 am
forecast. craig. >> now, dylan. now to a decades old case that has a lot of people talking "making a murderer." on friday, protesters gathered outside stephen avery's prison, both for and against avery. this morning, his attorney says
9:03 am
him. "dateline's" andrea canning has more. >> good morning, craig. the attorney met with stephen avery for about three hours and this case is moving forward. everybody is wondering what happened to teresa halbach. for those who think stephen avery did not do it, it comes down to one attorney famous for wrongful convictions who said she is about to turn the case upside down. the case had people talking since it premiered on netflix last month and the talk got louder in the county where had happened. manitowoc, wisconsin. >> we believe they had an unfair trial. >> dna proved he was guilty the second time here. he should rot in jail. >> don't let netflix tell you what to think! >> reporter: demonstrations here after stephen avery was wrongfully convicted in 1985.
9:04 am
convicted in 2007 of murdering a photographer. >> stephen avery convicted. >> reporter: at trial, his attorneys claimed the sheriff's office planted evidence in an attempt to frame him. >> i know it is not true. i have confidence in the deputies. >> reporter: now avery has a new attorney. kathleen zellner. she spoke to us outside the prison. >> do you have evidence to free stephen avery? >> we do. >> can you tell us anything about that? >> i can tell you generally since 2007, there have been significant advances in forensic testing and so clearly we're going to the clearest way to do this is with scientific testing. >> reporter: she has been poring through boxes of evidence and determined to prove her client is innocent. it looks like there may be another chapter in this case yet.
9:05 am
perspective of when we will see something happen in the case? >> i think within 30 days. possibly less. >> his attorney mentioned the car. stephen avery's blood and dna were found in the victim's car. so zellner bought one to understand what she is dealing with. she has alternate suspects in mind. she won't say who, but there are people on her radar. >> you have been following this case. what is the likelihood that stephen avery gets a new trial? >> the problem with the question is we don't know yet what the new evidence is she is talking about. as soon as we find out how big it is and credible it is, that determines if he gets a new trial. we are waiting for that. hopefully in the next month we will see another break in the case. >> there appears to be another chapter left in the story. andrea, thank you again. erica. craig, thanks.
9:06 am
improvement. homes on the edge of a cliff because of the storms battering the cliff. as steve malkoff reports, he says there are some that don't plan to leave anytime soon. >> reporter: just 15 minutes from san francisco. >> a dangerous situation in california. coastal erosion. >> reporter: these 1960s era apartments in pacifica, california sit on one of those hillsides. >> don't step out. >> reporter: resident bart willowby shows us how the repeated storms have been bringing these homes closer to the disaster. >> you can see how brown that water is. that's sand in the water. >> reporter: that pacific ocean water, warmer than usual, has accelerated the problem that has been brewing for years.
9:07 am
is predicted to be, will we see more apartments evacuated? >> sure. the one next door will be evacuated. we are going to the back of 310 esplanade. 20 people still live here. >> reporter: the city has evacuated this building and this building. and just days ago, they declared this building unsafe as well. now all 20 low-income residents must find some other place to live. people like jeff bowman. >> nobody will be here for ever. everybody is realizing that. >> reporter: these apartments are teetering 75 feet above the crashing surf below. this is a normal day. during an el nio-fueled storm, those waves could be double that size. >> i don't think it is necessarily all that safe. >> reporter: bart took these photos less than a month apart. it is easy to see how much sand
9:08 am
each storm claims another chunk of the west coast. >> my friend's dog went over the side on new year's eve. part of the bluff fell. >> reporter: you can see how easily this land crumbles apart. so far, that dog is the only fatality here on the rocks below that's shaky ground above. for "today," dave malkoff, in pacifica, california. coming up, our week's biggest health stories and why exercising around the clock doesn't mean you will burn more calories than if you too grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah. >>blow it up. whaaat? bush's baked beans.
9:09 am
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nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash... then i apply it to my wet skin. it moisturizes with no sticky feel. i quickly rinse off. and i'm ready to go. nivea in-shower body lotion -- in the body lotion aisle. this morning in "today's" health, there are questions around the zika virus. we have dr. natalie azar with us here. she will walk us through the medical stories this week.
9:11 am
virus. we have a question of what stage of gestation is exposure? >> the first trimester is the most vulnerable. that is when the central nervous system is forming. that can be the most critical. that doesn't rule out a problem could occur later on in pregnancy if you are exposed. >> the next question coming to us from maven. we answered it in the 7:00. if infected, how long does the woman need to wait to get pregnant. then could an infected man's sperm pose a risk? this goes back if this is transmitted sexually. >> i'll answer the second question first. there are some reports that the virus can be detected in saliva and semen. those concerns are going to
9:12 am
the main mode of transmission is the mosquito bites. issue of how long you have to wait, i want to make clear, we don't know everything about the virus. we are learning more about the virus and mosquito that carries it. we believe it stays in your system up to a week. if you are planning on becoming pregnant, wait a couple weeks before exposure. >> moving on. we have been talking about the water crisis in flint. we keep talking about lead. a lot of americans live in homes built before the '70s with lead pipes and paint. what are the true effects of lead poisoning? >> a concern for children under the age of 6 as well as fetus in the womb having exposure. again, because the main side effect or issue can be cognitive impairment in young children. the stages of early development. >> and how you test people to determine
9:13 am
>> it can be done with a finger prick, you can get a positive test. you can speak to your doctor about getting your child tested for lead exposure or yourself. speak to your health department. you want to renovate carefully. that is the main concern. the lead found in the paint chips. >> and the next headline had us thinking about the new year's resolutions. working out and working out harder and more. more exercise doesn't burn more calories? i don't get it. >> intuitively it doesn't make a lot of sense. there is more research out over what you eat than energy you spend to maintain or lose weight. if you are a very active person and exercise regularly, if you spend an extra hour at the gym, you are probably not burning anymore calories than you normally do in the day.
9:14 am
someone sedentary. people who don't exercise at all, for them, walking and taking the stairs is actually going to make a difference. the idea is biologically, we have a certain amount of energy we expend every day. it doesn't vary when your level is doing cognizant. >> does that mean i can have a glass of wine instead? >> yeah, no. don't interpret it that way. >> natalie, thank you. still ahead, a look at the highly anticipated series, "the people versus o.j. simpson" and why the doctor who first discovered the cte in football players says simpson is suffering from it as well.
9:15 am
still ahead on a saturday morning, one of the most intense
9:16 am
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9:19 am
. good morning.
9:20 am
making news. after bad weather brings cruise passengers vacation plans to a halt, they're under way. the carnival paradise delayed docking in tampa because of thick fog. passengers on board couldn't get off the ship. others had to spend the day in tampa. carnival cruise lines those delayed a 50% refund on the cruise and 50% off in the future. it is a gasparilla saturday. the invasion and parade, they're just hours away. if you're staying at home, watch the festivities live on news channel 8. jen lee and josh benson are co-hosting. john officer holloway will be the -- jennifer holloway will be the pieft reporter on the -- pirate reporter on the street. let's get to bryan bennett for the latest on our forecast. >> good afternoon, candace. we're looking at nice weather. good morning, actually it is 9:30 in the morning. feels like afternoon. a good day for gasparilla. you won't need the umbrella
9:21 am
a live view from south tampa, partly cloudy skies and a little cool. 56 degrees, current temperature in tampa, 58 right now in st. petersburg. satellite and radar picture, a few high, thin clouds but no rain to speak of. so during the invasion, we'll have cool temperatures around 63 at 2:00 p.m. during the parade.
9:22 am
we're back on this saturday morning, january 30th, 2016. happy to be out on the plaza. this is a fantastic crowd. >> my sister-in-law and niece. >> where is your sister-in-law? >> over there. >> dylan's family. >> they picked a great weekend to see us. folks warmed up in the big apple. still to come in this half hour, a new competition that is sure to get hearts racing. inside the world of drone racing. then on a different level of
9:23 am
group of women who want to bowling. they might even let me get in on i don't know if that is a bright idea. it makes for an interesting afternoon. >> you look like you are serious. we know. later, a savory breakfast dish. i'll hit the kitchen and make a breakfast. a hardy eggstrata. we begin with news from the nfl that diagnosed concussions rose more than 30% last year. nfl saying 271 concussions, up from 206 the year before. this morning, the doctor who discovered cte says he believes o.j. simpson suffers from the disease. that comes as the mini series is about to begin called "the people versus o.j. simpson." we have steve with more for us.
9:24 am
erica. this is an emotional journey for a nation still captivated by the trial of the century. a lot has changed and those closest to what happened are speaking out as we're all about to get a new take on an old drama. >> orenthal james simpson. not guilty of the crime of >> reporter: more than two decades later, the drama that back in the spotlight for a new generation. an fx mini series is promising to recreate history and tell the behind the scenes of the trial and verdict. during the trial, simpson was a chronic spousal abuser capable of murder. but now a new twist. dr. amalu, recently portrayed by will smith in "concussion" says
9:25 am
traumatic encephalphy. players like mike webster, junior sao, and frank gifford diagnosed with cte after playing football with repeated blows to the head. >> our experience says somebody who plays football for 10 to 20 years, plus has severe personality changes mid life, including violence and impulse control, nearly every time we diagnosed them with cte. it is reasonable to think simpson has been suffering for a while. >> reporter: for many, that is not the excuse. criticism is coming from those closest to the crime. ron goldman's family telling dr. phil they feel the series takes attention away from the victims adding the filmmakers never contacted them. >> we have a whole new generation who never saw this take place and is now going to see this series and assume that everything in this series is fact. that's very troubling to me.
9:26 am
contact kris jenner. ex-wife of robert kardashian and best friend of nicole brown simpson. she recently opened up to "people" magazine. >> with all of the attention, kris hopes that people remember at the heart of all this was the loss of two lives of ron goldman and nicole brown simpson. >> reporter: o.j. simpson is currently being held behind bars in nevada serving time on unrelated charges. you can hear more from the families of the victims on the upcoming episode of "dr. phil." meanwhile, the fx mini series begins on tuesday night. >> steve paterson in los angeles for us. thank you. >> i can't believe it has been that long. dylan dreyer, we have the final check of the forecast. >> we have people behind us here. >> welcome. welcome. we apologize for the weather. >> it's not that bad. >> compared to charleston? yeah. >> it is going to be colder than
9:27 am
we are looking at the chance of some snow the day after the iowa caucuses. for everyone there, it may be challenging getting out of town. on monday, it looks cloudy, temperatures not too bad in the mid-30s. then the big storm moves in monday night into tuesday. rain and snow likely. the northern part of iowa with snow. southern iowa will get a wintry mix. an area of low pressure in the rockies to produce snow. a bigger storm system will make especially in southern california tomorrow. we could see wind gusts up near 50 to 60 miles per hour. we are looking at heavy rain and some mountain snow. that will turn into a bigger storm for the denver area, especially on monday. we could see as much as 1 foot of snow. east into iowa by the time we
9:28 am
forecast. >> dylan, thank you. >> still to come, rolling with the pros. dylan's not done. she has tips for us from the bowling professionals. the citi double cash card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back d\j vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. p with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards
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9:31 am
smart rinse delivers extra cavity protection after brushing. so when you think of bowling, you don't think of glitz or glamor. there is a group of women proving that the sport is not just for the girls. >> our girl dylan went to meet these ladies. >> my bowling ball is in storage. i not get to use it. they let me play. they are the best female bowlers in the world. they are changing the idea of what it means to be a professional bowler. let's face it. bowling might be the rodney
9:32 am
no respect. you know the cliches. smoke-filled alleys and kids birthday parties. hardly the stuff of professional sports. but a new generation of women is challenging these stereotypes. >> i can make a living doing this professionally. i think younger girls are starting to see that. >> kelly kulic became the first women ever to win a national title on the male dominated pro tour. she became the only bowler to grace the cover of espn's cover. she works out five days a week. >> the perception of we're not athletes, bowl ten games in one day. see how your hand holds up over ten games and do that over a month. see how your body feels. know what it is like to coordinate a 15-pound ball and shoot multiple spares in
9:33 am
it is demanding and frustrating. >> i quickly learned how frustrating it can be when kelly offered to watch me bowl. at first, i wasn't that nervous. i did own my own bowling ball and shoes at one point in my life. i couldn't be that rusty. right? >> oh, no. >> think about the ball swing from the shoulder. like you are pitching a ball under hand. >> and right down the middle. >> then success. >> application for the membership on the professional tour. i'll get you one before the day's over. >> why doesn't bowling have the same cache? >> it is the size of the facilities. >> now it is working on image.
9:34 am
balls. >> this smells delicious. i have never smelled a bowling before. >> it is an extra detail that catches people offguard. >> it is really heavy. >> the next goal for kelly and her team, the olympics. >> currently, bowling is on the short list to be in the 2020 olympics in tokyo. >> a chance for bowling to get the respect it deserves. >> i think it is exciting seeing a crop of women come into something you just feel like is an older men's sport. you guys are coming in and kicking butt. >> i truly think this is the beginning of something super special for all the youth bowlers coming up in the ranks. my hope is that this is the future for women's bowling and it takes off. >> can she do it? >> so they use 15-pound bowling balls and travel with about ten bowling balls.
9:35 am
they said different lane conditions and environments. there is so much that goes into it that you just don't think of when you bowl a round or two at a party or have a beer. it. >> you do, dylan dreyer. time to get the ball out of storage. >> mine's an eight-pound ball. that's why i have my own. the eight-pound ball is designed for kids. my thumb didn't fit in the hole. i had to get my own bowling ball. >> freakishy large thumbs. >> no. coming up, inside the drone racing. the competition that has everyone looking up.
9:36 am
back on this saturday with a fierce new competition that has only a few players and fewer
9:37 am
that's probably not the case for long. it started with the growing popularity of drones. now the sport has pilots facing off against one another. >> we have nbc's kerry sander was us this morning. >> there is nascar and formula 1 and indycar. why not drone racing? you can put goggles on and see like the drone. we tethered this here. they can go erratic. nonetheless, they are interesting, but also noisy. high energy, low altitude. at more than $500 each, these drones are not toys. topping out at speeds of 100 miles an hour. pilots strap on goggles, guarding their aircraft in realtime. seeing the world like a superhero. >> when i talk to our best
9:38 am
first time they flew a drone, they felt like superman. >> reporter: like overcaffeinated fireflys. they zip through gates and out the same tunnel football players use to enter the stadium. and up the stairwells where fans walk to the seats and back into the stadium. the first drone across the fireworks. >> it's the speed and control. you are just trying to go as fast as you can without crashing. >> reporter: like car racing, those crashes can be spectacular. >> two of the guys just crashed on takeoff. it was so good. >> reporter: investors say few thought video games would one day become a spectator sport worth tens of millions of dollars. now they believe drone racing could turn out to be a hugely
9:39 am
as this gets underway, fans watch from a home computer. eventually they may also strap on goggles and fly. like superman. right along with their favorite pilots. some of the $8 million seed money backing this new sport, investments from steven ross, owner of the miami dolphins and dolphins vice chairman, matt higgins. >> i see celebrity athletes and have huge followings. >> and, of course, some of the pilots are already dreaming some day they may be the next mario andretti of drone racing. we have a mario here. that is teths ered. >> i wish they would untether it. >> i'm the blue one.
9:40 am
i don't want to break it. >> it is giving me beyonce hair. that is fantastic. >> the guys over there are not too happy. >> kerry, dylan asked you during our break if you have a drone. >> actually somebody did give me one about this big. i started it up and flew it into the wall and broke into pieces. >> always nice to see you, especially in person. >> i think they turned me off. >> smart move. >> we have tried that in the past. it doesn't work. warming up on a cold winter morning. when a delicious breakfast casserole is in most people know the four c's of a diamond. now, kay jewelers brings you...the newest c: chocolate. levian chocolate diamonds. only levian, masters of jewelry design for centuries... ...makes jewelry with rare chocolate diamonds. save up to 20% on select levian styles, with dazzling designs that she's sure to love. at kay, the number-one
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9:43 am
just keep the groove, and then he'll come back to you again let it play let the music play this morning in "today's food" we are cooking up a breakfast casserole that is hardy for anyone. we have michael seymour with us. >> good morning. >> what is this called? >> a charred broccoli eggstrata. casserole. simple. delicious. we do a charred broccoli taco. it is delish. you have eggs, oil and milk. let's get into it. >> let's do it. >> three heads of broccoli cut
9:44 am
olive oil. you want to season here with salt. all right. you want to be generous with the salt. >> why do you char it? >> when you char broccoli, it caramelizes it. you want to toss this with the olive oil and salt. get your chef skills in there. all right. awesome. you want to basically do that. put it on a roasting pan at 450 for ten minutes. >> what if you don't want broccoli? >> cauliflower. we can put this back here. you basically get this on the roasting pan and put it in the oven for ten minutes. this is a baguette. we have eight eggs in here.
9:45 am
you want to take mustard, dijon. a tablespoon. drop it in there. all righty. we start whisking. a little tip so we know. nice fun tip to have forever. when you whisk, it can be tough if you don't set it up with a wet towel. you drop it in the middle and you don't need any hands. >> my wife, not a fan of eggs. can you use egg whites? absolutely. double up. whites. we are whisking this. we will incorporate our milk slowly. nice and whisked in there. >> all right. >> then how long do we let the bread soak in the egg mixture? >> you can do this on the fly. like to.
9:46 am
i take my bread in here and it looks like this. you cover it up. throw it in the fridge overnight. day of, you are ready to rock. >> what do you add? in. the cooked onions and garlic. we have our sauted mushrooms. we have cheese here. parmesan cheese. broccoli. we will add this in here. you can do it with your hand or you can use a rubber spat. we will reserve a bit for the top of the dish. >> they can smell food a mile away. >> we're here to help. >> you will get it all nice and all right? >> it is healthy. >> we throw it in. >> it is. >> and it looks like this.
9:47 am
>> you want to stick it in the oven for about 45 minutes at 325. >> that looks good. there. all right. >> thank you so much. . good morning. i'm candace mccowan. here with a look at your latest news updates. today is gasparilla saturday and tampa police are sending out a warning for those headed out to the parade against bringing drones. they're worried about the drones flying out of control. you have to have permission to fly the drones. the warning is no drones at the parade. if you're interested in watching the parade from home, channel 8. jen lee and josh benson will be hosting the parade. jen holloway will be our pirate
9:48 am
you can catch our live coverage starting right here on news channel 8 at 2:30. let's go to meteorologist our saturday forecast. hey there, bryan. >> hey there, candace, we're looking at a nice morning, a few high, thin clouds. you don't need to worry about rain today. you will not need your umbrella unless you're worried about being show yoered by beads weather. 70. let's look at the graphics and you can see right now we have a few high, thin clouds. temperatures cool, we're 61 degrees right now in tampa. a few high, thin clouds drifting through the sky. let's call that partly cloudy. but again, the clouds will not produce any rain today. during the invasion of tampa, high clouds, a little cool around 63, 2:00 p.m., during the parade, 70 degrees, partly cloudy, good news for our
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